A drabble is a short work of fiction of precisely one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space. – Wikipedia

100 Drabbles to Help Pass the Time

Quarantine Drabble #1

A lost little girl lived under a bridge with only a dirty rag doll for company. Big hazel eyes watched a confusing world with fear, wonder, and desperate hope. Strangers like shadows ignored her. Those who should help, refused. But then one day there came a gentleman made of light and smiles. He took her hand and up in flight on gossamer wings to a resplendent gate beyond the clouds. He introduced her to divinities with names she could not pronounce. They knew her soul, welcomed her home. Showered her with hugs, kisses, and a love she’d always yearned for.

Quarantine Drabble #1

Phantasmal mist stirred among the tombstones of a cemetery forgotten over time, tucked deep in a dale of a forest long unvisited. Within the chill of the churning fog a little boy plays hide and seek with make-believe friends, his only friends in all the world, all of existence. They call his name from melancholy dreams he has when he curls up to sleep upon his grandmother’s grave. She’s not there anymore, no one else is. He doesn’t know where they went. They’d all vanished wile he’d slept. He is all alone and always will be, playing forever by himself.

Quarantine Drabble #3

Chelsea is blind, has been since birth. She lives in an apartment in downtown Dallas. Her days are spent sitting at an open window listening to the world outside and imagining herself amidst its workings, magically able to see. She doesn’t know she is not alone. A man has a nest in a closet she doesn’t use. He eats her food, wears her perfume, and watches her sleep, spies on her baths, and tip toes behind her in the dark. He believes he’s in love with her and imagines himself her guardian angel. Actually, he was once her social worker.

Quarantine Drabble # 4

Dirty blonde with bright blue eyes, he primps and preens before a wall-sized mirror, hopes for affection, possibly love, maybe more occupying his mind. Attire on fad, cologne on point, well-read background to backup his beliefs, he’s a man to be proud of, arm-candy too. But there are secrets to be found beneath the intelligent, well-spoken Hollywood handsome façade, secrets he needs to keep. Male, female, he enjoys them as equally as he does hunting them. Each offers unique difficulties and satisfactions in the end, but it’s the thrill before the kill that makes the possible repercussions worth the while.

Quarantine Drabble #5

Sad she is. Sad she’s always been, but she was never taken seriously in her misery. Her mother ignored it and her father tried to beat it out of her, she learned to hide it behind strained compliance and reluctant smiles.

In the imaginary character she created for them, she found love and acceptance, none of which was real and all of which made her depression worse. Still, she hid her truth and lied for years continuing her counterfeit narrative to the altar and into motherhood.

When she murdered her children everyone was oh, so very shocked, everyone except her.

Quarantine Drabble #6

Shelia was born with a strange affliction, a prehensile appendage that hung to her ankles. Growing up in the misty mountain heart of Appalachia long ago, she was safe from the judgment of most. After all, she wasn’t the only child there with a tail. Unlike the others, she exploited it, but pleasuring the neighbor boys was not acceptable to her parents. Traditional surgery unattainable, her father hacked it off like a chicken’s head. Like said headless chicken, she ran around bleeding until it healed. The scar looked like little Baby Jesus. She became a triumphant and curious evangelical luminary.

Quarantine Drabble #7

Pearl Jam blasting through the schizophrenic speakers, they drove from Irving to Dallas on an overcast Saturday evening to stroll the shadowy strip of Cedar Springs. He was gay, she wasn’t, but a friend and ally to his cause.

Bluntly, he was looking to get laid.

He just didn’t want to prowl the pavement or the pubs alone.

Fresh out of high school, only one bar allowed them free entrance, the illustrious Damewood’s. They couldn’t drink, but they could dance and gawk at the nearly naked Go-Go Boys. It was on that overcast Saturday night that David met his Josh.

Quarantine Drabble #8

“Fuck me, I’m Irish,” he said with a sideways smirk, knowing she wouldn’t accept the provocation. She was pretty, but not unbearably so. He was handsome, but very specifically so, blue collar elite one might say. He was happy with a chuckle that wasn’t affronted, returned the titter, and bought her a drink. She thanked him and walked back to her clan of uncannily similar looking friends. He watched her ass looking forward to having his way with her unconscious body later that night after she succumbed to the roofie he’d slipped into her green beer.

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Quarantine Drabble #9

Cravings are incessant with the green ones underground, hungers for human flesh and juice. They dream of when they can slither out of their holes and go in search of that which they crave, the younger the human the better. There’s only one night a year they’re allowed, the very same night humans dress up like them and seek to sate their own cravings. In the darkness, they trick. Among each other, they treat. Sickly sweet death comes when they inevitably convene. Children, candy, and carnivores clashing in the night and only a few will survive the bloody, sugary slaughter.

Quarantine Drabble #10


Quarantine Drabble #11

Sweet low sounds in the deep dark, cute little whimpers after puppy snores. She twitches as she dreams, one paw trembles and then another until all four shudder. Running. Soaring over lush landscapes. She’s scampering fast, liberated, blithe in some blissful little puppy fantasy. Who is there with her? Is it her Little Boy Blue? A friend of the family? Is it a sister, a brother, her fuzzy mommy? Does someone wait for her on the horizon? The answer is… yes. Everyone she’s ever loved is there. Love is all around her. Fast and free and loved. Fly, Gypsy. Fly!

Quarantine Drabble #12

He was only twelve and his parents said they’d only be a few minutes. The store wasn’t far away. He knew to keep everything locked and never to answer the door for strangers. And in the case of emergencies, he knew to call 911. Everything was fine. All was quiet, calm, and boring. When grandpa made an unexpected visit, he was very excited. He loved his grandpa. They had fun together. No one had foreseen his parents’ car breaking down on the way or that the danger they should have been worried about wouldn’t come from a stranger at all.

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